8 Simple Secrets For Losing Love Handles Quickly
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8 Simple Secrets For Losing Love Handles Quickly

Love handle also known as ‘muffin top’ is a hard-to-lose fat. Many people engage in a variety of exercises to reduce side fat but fail to realize that there is no such thing as spot reduction. In this video, Mr. Yatinder Singh shares 8 easy tips one should follow for reducing love handles quickly.

The extra fat that hangs along the sides of the waist also goes by the phrase "love handle." Despite having a cute name, love handles aren't really appealing. You can train your abs, obliques but there is no particular exercise that can reduce the fat in your specific area. Even though this is hard to lose fat but reducing it is possible with the right nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle changes.

Here are discussed 4 out of the 8 easy tips to get rid of side fat quickly:


The energy your body needs to digest any food item is called the thermic effect of the food. Foods with a high thermogenic effect take more energy to digest and absorb, which causes an increase in post-consumption energy use.

Foods that are high in fats and carbohydrates have lower thermic effects compared to proteins. When you consume protein-rich foods like chicken, tofu, eggs, fish, lean meats, etc. the body has to spend 20-30 % of the calories you get from them to digest them.

However, it is important to note that consuming carbs and fats as part of a well-balanced diet should not be ignored. it is important to consume more natural foods and avoid processed foods. Include maximum fruits and vegetables in your diet because of the calories you get from them, the body has to spend almost the same number of calories in its digestion.

Therefore, your love handles will immediately shrink when your body's general fat proportion is reduced.


Filling up on good fats like avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, fatty fish, etc. can help slim your waistline. Healthy fats taste great and also make you feel full, which encourages you to eat fewer calories throughout the day. If you do not consume enough good fats in your diet, then it would negatively affect the hormone responsible for reducing body fat percentage. Therefore, 20% of your total calorie intake in a day should come from good fats.


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the most effective workouts for losing body fat. Short bursts of intense aerobic exercise coupled with rest periods represent HIIT exercises. These workouts are quick yet effective, especially for reducing love handles and belly fat. A lot of calories are burned quickly during HIIT workouts.

You should perform a HIIT workout after strength training at least 3 times a week for 15-20 minutes.

Now why is it important? Because when you perform strength training your glycogen depletes. Immediately after if you perform a HIIT workout, your body will use stored fat as energy and this will help in reducing your overall fat. Try to incorporate workouts like burpees, mountain climbing, jumping jacks, etc. after performing strength training.


An easy way to cut calories and lose fat is to cut back on alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol has been linked to obesity, liver damage, and an increase in body fat. When the liver functioning is damaged, it cannot metabolize fat, therefore, increasing fat in your body, especially around the midsection. Many alcoholic beverages like wine and beer are loaded with calories and added sugar which becomes a reason for excess fat gain.

Alcohol also increases your hunger by stimulating the brain cells that control appetite, which may lead you to eat more calories.

You must make long-term changes to your food, exercise plan, and lifestyle if you want to lose fat and keep it off forever. Though changing one aspect of your life may result in some weight loss, combining several of the tips mentioned in the video will give you a better chance of losing your love handles for good.