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Mistakes That You Make In Gym

Small mistakes you might be making during your workout as a beginner can significantly impact the results. To make sure that we achieve maximum possible result, we should avoid the following mistakes:-

1. Not Using Full Range Of Motion

Most beginners don’t perform exercises with a full range of motion, i.e, they ignore the full range of motion. It shouldn’t be done because it leads to the underdevelopment of muscles. Sometimes the culprit behind this is selecting very heavy weights because of which you might be unable to perform the full range of motion. Benefits of doing a full range of motion include:-

  1. Your muscles will develop properly;
  2. Your joints will get stronger;
  3. Your mobility will increase;
  4. You will be less prone to injuries.

2. No Grip Strength

Anyone who works out in a gym, whether they do it with dumbbells, rods, or hanging chin-ups, the most important thing is how strong your grip is. The stronger the grip, more will be the repetitions you can perform.

3. Avoiding Big Lifts

Big lifts mean deadlift, bench press, and squat. It’s understandable that beginners initially don’t have a lot of strength so they generally find their comfort zone in working a lot on their biceps and triceps or on leg extension but let us tell you that deadlift, bench press, and squat should never be missing from your workout. Perform these exercises at least once a week because these exercises will help you in your overall strength development and it will be a good foundation for your strength training. Since multiple joints and muscles are involved in these exercises, it improves your overall strength and lung capacity also. So, if you include these exercises in your workout schedule then it becomes a bit easier to perform the rest of the exercises. Make sure you keep your posture correct and choose the right weights while performing deadlifts, bench press, and squats to prevent injury.

4. No Planning Before Workout / No Plan Of Action

You must have seen many people buying bananas on their way to the gym and entering the gym while eating them. Let us bust a myth for you - Eating a banana like that won’t give you any energy because by the time it will get digested, your workout will be finished. Whenever you go to the gym for your workout, you need to pre-plan. It means that whether you eat oats or banana or any other food as a pre-workout, it should be eaten at least one hour before the workout so that it gets properly digested because once it is digested, it will give you energy during your workout. It will help you in increasing the intensity of your workout and you will be able to give your best.

5. Ego Lifting

The biggest mistake that beginners make in the gym is using weights they can’t command. You tend to lift such heavy weights that your mind’s connection with your muscles is lost. To avoid this, please make sure that you choose weights that you can control otherwise the weights will be controlling you. Lifting heavy weights can not only lead to injuries but there is no benefit as well to exercise like this. For instance, if you are doing barbell curls with heavy weights, and you swing your body without any control, you will end up straining your joints unnecessarily. During barbell curls, movement should be slow and controlled. Even if the weight isn’t very heavy, as long as you are able to contract and expand your muscles properly, your muscle is receiving proper training. So strictly DO NOT ‘EGO LIFT’. If your friend is lifting 10-20kgs then it doesn’t mean that it is necessary for you to lift the same weight. Always make sure that the selection of your weight do not affect your posture. Do not perform a very low number of repetitions, make sure you perform at least 8-10 repetitions.

6. Lack Of Focus

The last common mistake is lack of focus or you can call it “lazy training”. The most important thing in a gym, irrespective of your goal, is the focus. For example, after finishing their set, many people check their texts, Instagram posts, etc. Whether you perform your workout for 50 minutes or 80 minutes, make sure your complete focus is on your exercise. Each and every repetition that you perform has a purpose so try performing that with complete focus to get desired results.