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Yoga for Back Pain

Back pain is becoming a common issue these days. In some cases, an injury or any disease is to be blamed but in other cases our lifestyle is the culprit.

 Common lifestyle causes for back pain includes:-

  1. Slouching at our desk;
  2. Lifting heavy weights;
  3. Being obese;
  4. Lack of physical activity;
  5. Wearing high heels, etc.

Many doctors recommend patients to perform yoga for back pain which is caused by lifestyle triggers because it not only helps in reducing the pain but also helps in relieving the stress caused by the pain. Let’s look at the Yoga poses that we have for you:-

Cat-Cow Pose

Very common yet very effective pose. It is also known as Cat-Camel Pose. It is not only good for your back but also targets your triceps, hips and abdomen. It improves flexibility and removes tension from the targetted areas.

Master the Cat-Cow Pose

  • You will have to get on your all fours while keeping wrists under your shoulders and knees under your hips.
  • Cat- Keep tucktail bone in and look at the belly button while breathing out at the same time.
  • Cow- Extend your back while flexing your spine. Tailbone up and look at the sky while breathing in at the same time.

Cobra Pose

Not only is Cobra Pose good for relieving back pain but it also helps in strengthening the spine, toning the buttocks, relieving stress and fatigue, boosting blood circulation, etc.

Master the Cobra Pose

  • Lie on your stomach while keeping your hands under your shoulders and make sure to keep your fingers facing forward.
  • Place palms on the mat slightly outside your shoulders.
  • Flax your legs and stomach and press hips and top of feet into mat.
  • Tilt head back until chin points forward and neck is compressed. Keep hips on mat and raise navel off the ground. Breathe and hold the pose.
  • While exhaling come down to the starting position.

Sphinx Pose

Sphinx Pose is modification of Cobra Pose. Along with relieving back pain, it stretches your shoulders, chest and abdomen and strengthens your spine and buttocks. This pose also prevents and restores the hunched posture provoked by long periods of improper sitting.

Master the Sphinx Pose

  • Lie on your stomach while placing your elbows underneath your shoulder blades and keep your feet hip distance apart.
  • Lift your upper body (head, neck, chest, and torso) off the floor.
  • You can stay in this pose for up to 4-5 minutes.

Child’s Pose

This pose is as gentle on your neck and back as we are with a child. It helps in relaxation of your back and neck. Not only this but it also stretches your hips, thighs and ankles. This pose is a great stress and fatigue reliever.

Master the Child’s Pose

  • Bend forward and if you feel comfortable then rest your forehead gently on the mat.
  • Either you can rest your arms in front of you or you can place them behind you with palms facing up.
  • You can stay in this pose for up to 4-5 minutes.

Bridge Pose

You will be astonished to know that Bridge Pose can help in relieving not only backache but also headache. It helps in strengthening back, glutes, legs, and ankles and stretching the chest, neck, shoulders and spine. It also helps in rejuvenating tired legs.

Master the Bridge Pose

  • Lie down on your back and keep your knees bent.
  • Make sure to keep your feet hip-distance apart.
  • Lift your hips from the pubic bone instead of the navel.
  • Hold your hands and stretch your arms on the floor below your pelvis. Stretch your arms as much as possible. Stay in this position for up to 1-1.5 minutes.
  • To finish, place your hands palms-down alongside your body. Slowly roll your spine along the floor while exhaling.