Beginner's Guide To Killer Abs At The Gym
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Beginner's Guide To Killer Abs At The Gym

Whether you’re just getting started on your fitness journey or looking to get back to basics, it’s important to incorporate some beginner abs exercises into your regime. Remember that just because a move is beginner-level doesn't mean it's easier or less powerful. You may perfect your form and concentrate on activating all of your core muscles with beginner abs workouts.

Just because you're new to working out and your abdominals are hiding behind a layer of fat doesn't mean your abs workouts need to be relegated to a middle-school regimen of sit-ups. For one thing, crunches aren’t doing anything for your six-pack. So, if thousands of crunches aren't the answer, how do you get a six-pack?

So, when it comes to core exercises, it's best to aim for compound exercises, which force your core to work in tandem with other large muscle groups.

Working out those core muscles is essential for leveling up your fitness and well-being in general. In addition to serving as the hub of all movement, the muscles in your core also support and shield your spine and internal organs. And, rocking a toned tummy is an additional perk.

To get those killer abs incorporate the following 5 exercises in your workout routine. If you focus on engaging your abs throughout the move, you'll feel that deep abdominal burn on your way to a concrete core.


Why it rocks: It strengthens your core for improved balance and stability, which improves your body's overall control. This exercise works the lower abs as well as the inner thighs. Because of the way your legs and hips move as you perform the exercise, it also improves hip flexibility and strength. Plus, the move gets your lower back involved, which is beneficial for anyone interested in strengthening the full core region.


Why it rocks: More so than other core exercises like sit-ups and crunches, flutter kicks target your lower abdominal muscles while also engaging your quads, hip flexors, and lower back muscles. Flutter kicks can raise your heart rate and improve cardiovascular health when performed correctly.

Exercise 3: SEATED V UPS

Why it rocks: V-up workouts target the rectus abdominis, obliques, and hip flexors. This aids in building up the stability muscles required for improved balance overall. Better balance and core stabilization are also associated with improved athletic performance and fewer injuries.


Why it rocks: Russian twists are great as they provide increased calorie burn. Adding weights or intensifying the activity increases the amount of calories burned. Consequently, this aids in maintaining love handles. The abs can be effectively worked out with this core exercise as it works every muscle in the abdomen.

Exercise 5: PLANKS

Why it rocks: It is pretty much the quintessential core move because it challenges all 360 degrees of your midsection, makes your shoulders burn, and even requires your glutes and quads to fire up, too.

Watch the complete video to learn the correct form of performing all of the above exercises and get your abs burning.

Instructions: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, then rest for 10, and continue on the next. After completing all five movements, begin at the top and repeat the sequence twice more to complete three rounds.